About Horizon Systems:

Our Focus and Philosophy

At Horizon Systems, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that work in your environment.  We work closely with our customers to understand their needs,  and provide the best and most cost-effective technology solutions available.  Our definition of success is measured by the satisfaction we deliver.

We focus on technologies that support the alignment of company direction and the operations of IT.  We offer, implement, and help maintain solutions to make technology serve the business needs of corporations large and small.  Our starting point is to understand the line of business the solution is to serve, then how to blend it into successful IT operations.

Our core philosophy, in its most basic form, is to consult, deliver, and enable. We are very proud of our ability to provide complete solutions, which includes hardware, software, and support services.   We value what it takes to enable Management and internal users so they can be even more effective at what they do. This is only a small portion of the added value Horizon Systems brings to your door.

If you're a C-level executive, we understand the need for information systems to be a competitive weapon in your marketplace and be at an effective cost. Your ability to access crucial business information quickly is necessary to help your company succeed. Horizon Systems can help transform your visions of information flow and bring them into reality.

If you're in IT management, Horizon Systems can help you get the best results from everything between application development and production operations. We work with you to resolve problems with manufacturers, reach and maintain service level objectives, and reduce operating costs. We can help you design and implement systems that are cost-effective, easy to manage, and based upon industry standard architectures.

Our hidden agenda is to help build responsive IT departments,  that are supportive to the rest of the company and are viewed as a valuable corporate asset.  Horizon Systems can help your team get there and stay on the strategic path as your company grows.

Here are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Servers - We represent a full line of servers from HP, Oracle/Sun, Lenovo for companies running Windows, Linux, Virtual Servers and UNIX operating systems.  Let us show you how our Intel based servers offers outstanding performance at a price point competitive with mass-market vendors. Find out why commodity servers which are simply assembled can't compete with systems that have been actually designed with operations in mind.
  • Storage and Data Management - Data is the lifeblood of your IT organization. Horizon Systems offers disk and tape storage systems from HP, Oracle, Hitachi Data Systems, Symantec Veritas and more. We know primary storage and archival storage have completely different characteristics and price points. Having an ability to replicate data effectively within a Disaster Recovery environment is important too. We believe in tiered storage environments and practicing information life cycle management. We help roll all of the elements together to ensure your company's information is protected, managed and is most importantly available when you need it.
  • Network Security - We provide solutions that protect your organization from the 3 major points of entry. Email Communications, Web technologies, and application aware Firewall protection. In a Web 2.0 environment, there are more vulnerabilities than ever before. Even if your company does not provide a Web 2.0 enabled site you are still at risk by simply visiting one. Any user of your network which may visit a new social networking site for business or pleasure can invite malware or viruses that can attack your servers and desktops very quickly, a zero day attacks. We provide solutions from Secure Computing, that prevent problems from ever being introduced by a user accidentally. Reputation based technologies and management reporting are key components which allow us to provide you with network based security systems which work effectively together.
  • Authentication and Digital Identities - Horizon Systems understands that you must enable remote information workers and provide multiple layers of authentication. We provide solutions for securing digital identities and information. Today, most companies rely on directory services such as Active Directory or LDAP to maintain a centralized data store of user identities and group membership. We provide solutions such as multi-factor authentication, One Time Passwords, and Key based systems that are cost effective and reduce help desk interaction to support your remote workforce. Horizon Systems and Entrust (www.entrust.com) have partnered to provide you solutions to protect and authenticate digital identities for over 5 years now.
  • Server Virtualization - This is a very interesting and hot topic for many of our customers. Embraced as a technology that is the right thing to do in many circumstances. Horizon Systems provide solutions from VMWare, Citrix Xen Server, and Oracle. We specialize in Virtual Desktop environments and Thin Client Computing which couple tightly with virtualization. Some operating systems have virtualization built into them already. We work with our customers to explore what is right for them, which systems are candidates for virtualization and how to manage server sprawl because of this powerful and enabling technology.
  • End Point Protection - Often referred to as Anti-virus and Malware protection. Horizon Systems provides solutions for detecting and preventing computers from being "infected" with viral laden software focused on disrupting your daily operations instead of core business concerns. We provide solutions that are easily managed from central consoles, deployed to multiple regional offices and at-home workforce employees. Providing solutions from McAfee and Symantec at a corporate or business level which can protect your systems from being infected and causing corporate outages.
  • Database and Application Technologies - Horizon Systems can provide you with products and services to enable your application development and production database software systems. We provide database technologies from both Oracle and Microsoft's product lines. For high capacity and performance systems Oracle's RDBMS has been and continues to be the defacto standard in database technologies. For systems that want to start out small and grow to extremely large deployments there is no better solution. Oracle's Clustering technology allows for multiple servers to act as a single database and provide highly available data services in a native fashion with Real Application Clusters. For installations where Open Source solutions are the roots of an application and MySQL was the base, we provide licensing and support for the database that got you there.

Horizon Systems works hard to bring you industry standard solutions which allow for staff mobility, effective operations, overall reduced costs, and simplification of complex problems. We promote technologies which are proven to us in the field, and share methods of success we have learned though the 30+ years we've served in this industry.