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sunray administrative console and firefox 4
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TOPIC: sunray administrative console and firefox 4
sunray administrative console and firefox 4 9 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 2
We found that after updating to firefox 4.0 that the sunray admin console stopped displaying correctly.
Looking around for quite some time, one of our engineers found this small entry that did help fix the
problem. Listed here to help provide more information to other users experiencing the same problem.

Essentially the style sheet needs to be updated and tomcat needs restarted.

Original source of the information came from here: (Credit to Stuart Robinson for finding and providing a fix!)


In case anybody is trying to use Firefox 4 to access the Sun Ray admin gui and finding it not working to it's full potential, here is a script that fixes it.

cd /tmp
unzip /opt/SUNWut/webadmin/webapps/ut/WEB-INF/lib/suntheme.jar com/sun/web/ui/suntheme/css/css_master.css
echo "#f1\3Ap1\3At1 { display:block;}" >> com/sun/web/ui/suntheme/css/css_master.css
zip -r /opt/SUNWut/webadmin/webapps/ut/WEB-INF/lib/suntheme.jar com/sun/web/ui/suntheme/css/css_master.css
rm -rf com
/etc/init.d/utwadmin stop; /etc/init.d/utwadmin start

It just updates a CSS file and restart the tomcat container.
The administrator has disabled public write access.
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