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McAfee Email Gateway/Ironmail HF6 notes & gotchas
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TOPIC: McAfee Email Gateway/Ironmail HF6 notes & gotchas
McAfee Email Gateway/Ironmail HF6 notes & gotchas 9 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 2
Thought I would share some info from my application of HF6 for version 6.7.2 of the McAfee Email Gateway formally known as Ironmail.
Decided to apply it while things were quiet around our office.

I was at HF4 when I started the process. As always the Hotfixes need to be applied in order. HF5 and HF6-Pre do not require a
system restart of the server, but HF6 does. Also, HF6 is a MAJOR change.

HF6 was about a 500MB download, which took some time. It timed out the first time and had to call support.
I was able to get a very knowledgeable individual out of the St. Paul office, who was fantastic to work with!

While waiting for it to complete the download, I asked a few questions about other peoples problems with HF6,
which he did answered for me. If you're using Authentium as a AV Scanner, expect problems under HF6. The new 64-bit code in the
Email Gateway ends up tripping on some known bugs within the Authentium scan engine. Problem is in Authentium's code.
There is a engineering fix for it, but the fastest best way is to simply disable Authentium until its fixed in the future. Some of you
are running Authentium - so beware!

There is an updated kernel with HF6, and it is now a 64 bit OS. Filing system changes do get made and the FSCK process
can take a really long time to complete. This depends on how long the appliance has been up, and the number of messages
which are stored locally on the appliance. Very busy systems can expect a 5+ hour time frame before it completes its initial boot-up
sequence after applying the HF6 patches. Most of you are on S120 model appliances, but some have the larger appliances so beware!

Make sure you've got a console hooked up to be able to view what's actually happening, and to know the system is fully restored
to service. No power-downs or manual reboots during this process. Re-imaging a system is not fun. Definitely back up your config
before starting. Common sense I know, but I felt obliged to state the obvious

My "/var" filing system filled up and HF6 had the fixes to correct 2 of the 3 causes. Make sure to have support empty out
/var before trying to do any of this, you may not have space to process the hot fixes.

Anyway, thought I would share with all of you what I found. Remember to plan for a fairly long downtime when installing HF6.
Other than the time out during the download and the time required to initially reboot, the process went very cleanly.
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Re:McAfee Email Gateway/Ironmail HF6 notes & gotchas 9 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 2
Another Email Gateway user encountered the following problem with their appliance not coming back online after HF6 was applied.
Thank you for sharing this info! Hopefully it will help others avoid any additional down time when applying this patch.

Upon restart of their Email Gateway, on the console, the following error message was displayed:
"Unrecoverable fatal error found. System will not boot until the error is resolved
Press <F2> to enter setup"

A BIOS setting needed to be changed to clear the Event Log. Details can be found in the following Knowledge Base article:

Reports were that the unit came up cleanly after that.
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