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Webwasher Cluster management/Real Time Reporting
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TOPIC: Webwasher Cluster management/Real Time Reporting
Webwasher Cluster management/Real Time Reporting 11 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 2
I just had to answer this question for one of our existing customers and thought it would be good to share.

If you have multiple webwasher units currently known as WSG, you can configure one system to be the master
and all of the others to be a slave. If you want all of the units to have equal configurations, you simply update
the master unit. If configured correctly, it will automatically push the configuration changes to the other cluster
members immediately. This can greatly reduce the management efforts of the administrator.

If you update a non-master unit in the cluster, those setting will be resident only on that box.

Additionally, this customer wanted to be able to see, in real time, the type of traffic that was possibly causing
a slow down of the overall network traffic. Games, Streaming audio/video, auction sites, etc....

They could then take proactive actions to knock down that traffic by viewing the environment in real time.

This information is available via the Web Reporter software, but that could be as old as 24 hours, or depending on how often the logs are polled.

Again, being on the master webwasher appliance go to:

Configuration > Web Interfaces > Dashboard / Quick Snapshots

and Enable Clustered statistics.

Now, when on the master server the statistics represent the entire farm of devices in the environment.

And again, if looking on a slave in the cluster, you'll only see that devices statistics.
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