Instructor led training with "Virtually" a new Look!

Horizon Systems and Collier IT add improved virtual training solution.

Able to run more classes more often!


New Training capability for Oracle classes at Horizon Systems! Two 60 inch CCTV screens were added at both Collier IT and Horizon Systems. Now the two classrooms can be jointly attended for a single Oracle University training session.   Both sides have equal access to the live instructor to ask face to face questions and see all the presentation material simultaneously.

Each student is in full attendance, at the training facility of their choice, with other live students.  The feedback from the majority of the students has been positive to very pleasantly surprised. Many of the students did comment how well it met their needs and at the same time provided a quality learning experience. The first couple of training sessions were somewhat challenging as we got used to all the new options available to us.  Now that we've had 10+ remote sessions, it's a fairly straight forward process.

This new capability helps many students reduce or eliminate their travel costs, and more importantly leads to fewer class cancellations due to low enrollment at a single facility.  Eliminating travel costs for both students and instructors leads to much more flexibility so we can offer more classes more often. 


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