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Hardware Support Services

Horizon Systems specializes in support services and subscriptions.  We track your assets and keep detailed records of coverage for you.

When a system becomes a critical part of your operations, and it has a failure, who will be there to fix it?  Many people rely on auction sites to get spare parts to hopefully fix the systems as they eventually have failures. That's fine and good, but can you wait two weeks for a part that may or may not be the one you really needed?  If this system generates revenue for your company, did you really save anything? Chances are you didn't.  Most likely if your systems are critical to your company, does it really cost more to have it protected under a support agreement with us.

Our factory trained technicians will respond to your trouble tickets and outages in as little as two hours.  We provide the parts and the know how to get your equipment back in working order quickly.  We can offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year coverage.  When a problem happens, pick up the phone and call, and a technician will get the repair process started immediately.  We also offer support services that are Next Business Day parts only, and several other options in between.

Give us a call, we track your assets by make, model, and serial number. We provide you reports on your coverage and keep you informed so your company is protected.

As systems get older, parts get harder to obtain, and prices for support tend to rise.  We work with you to identify these systems, and recommend newer model replacements that often are less expensive to acquire than the support costs on the old equipment. Just one more reason to work with us and spend your company's money wisely.

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